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Michael Manfre

I'm a software developer (mostly Emoji python ) with significant contributions to Takahē and I'm a member of the Django Security Team.

If you see an error with this profile or messages I federate out, please let me know. I'm iterating on this server's code.

@whack @jacob electric is worth the higher upfront price for the reduced noise.

@cadey plans are much more exciting when there is an unexpected change or destroy buried in what should be only adds. *shakes angry fist* at default tags.

@CodenameTim Context is important. Would this be an internal web app to solve their deployment needs (that are not solved by one of the other many tools in this space)? Or is this a user facing web app that would could be described as "eval() as a service"?

The first seems like a bad idea because existing tooling exists and if they have to ask the internet how to make this happen, they lack the experience necessary to deliver this successfully. If it's the latter,

@catsalad as a former beekeeper with some infosec knowledge, I don't get it.

@sgirlprivacy @nixCraft maybe Google wants to encourage more devs to learn about bootstrapping compilers.

@spad @tdp_org for my single user instance, I have multiple Identities that behave like lists. I have them follow accounts to populate the Federated timeline. After Takahē implements Lists, I'll continue to use multiple identities to avoid any direct following or timeline overlaps.

@webology @markwalker it'll work, but the extra thermal mass tended to make my counter top burner over heat and turn itself off.

@mitsuhiko Likely never because rejoining the EU would have drastically less favorable terms than their initial joining.

@kevin I don't remember if it was the TreasuryDirect site or another with the same bad UX, but I had bypassed it with firefox's dev tools to directly insert the password in to the input.

@carlton the presence or lack of trailing semicolon meaning "return" is the ugliest thing to me.

The pet sitting on your lap while you type away on a keyboard knows all your passwords.

@stargirl I wonder if it the cake diagram could be represented in KiCanvas as a schematic.

@carlton sounds like more packages need to walrusfy to motivate stragglers to update or fully embrace the EOL project lifestyle.

@adamchainz "code ." and then find in files. If I'm searching in a repo I'm going to want surrounding context or plan to modify, so no point sticking to the command line.

@joelle of course we're not there yet. They still need more people to label their training data with captcha prompts.

The best time to buy holiday decorations is immediately after the holiday. It's important to test newly purchased products while in the return window. After taking down this past year's holiday decorations, I immediately put up the on sale additions. I hope my neighbors enjoy the sneak peek of 2023 holiday (for probably several weeks).

@adamghill @webology @takahe If there are specific rough spots you're waiting on that haven't been identified yet, please speak up.

Every year, I set a fitness goal. They are often related to leaning down to a specific weight/body fat percent for a cosplay (Spartan from "300"). This year, I'm not planning to attend DragonCon and lack the reason/motivation to spend 3-4 months being hangry. Dropping significant weight always includes the side effect of losing strength and in the past has limited my goals.

To take advantage of this year's diet reprieve, I've set a strength goal. For 2023 I want to join the the 1,000 lbs (454 kg) club, where my lift totals of squat, deadlift, and bench press are more than 1,000 lbs. Right now, my total is 890 lbs. 110 lbs is a non-trivial amount of improvement, but it's achievable and most of the growth will come from Squat and Deadlift.

Who else has set a fitness goal for 2023?

@carlton @simon for those APIs, do you actually use Accept header or use a ".json" URL extension (or query string)? One of the major benefits of separate URL for content of different types is easier time with analytics and troubleshooting. Only need a single variable (URL) to float through the various logging/monitoring tools, instead of multiple.

@adamghill @webology genuinely curious what about "multiple-domain hosting" of fediverse has not been solved by at least one of the available software options. All instances support custom identities using the `.well-known/*` redirects. Some even support multiple domains in a more explicit manner, like Takahē.

@erinrachel @carlton maybe I'm a generic shell user, but I don't see any meaningful difference between bash and zsh.

@geekraver @mike @brettcannon I agree that they would be different, but even if the optimal numbers were found the metrics would not be meaningful without explaining why those specific numbers were used. With concurrency being a runtime setting, you could run all the packages with 32, 64, 128. That would convey a lot more meaning without needing to find and/or explain an optimal value.

@HeNeArXn @andrew @cadey Sounds like there is a setting for stripping emoji and dang turned it off briefly to manually update the post. See